Metrix Staffing: Alternative to Traditional Employment Agencies


Metrix Staffing, a division of Total Distribution, Inc., in Jacksonville, Florida, provides you with the support you need to optimize and improve your business. We thoroughly analyze each employee's skills, including dexterity, production and safety - values critical in the operation of any distribution company. Our staff is prepared and experienced to meet the challenges of your company.

The goal of Metrix Staffing is to provide an alternative to traditional employment agencies for our clients by:

  • Hiring proven staff
  • Offering flexible solutions
  • Providing measurable results


How is Metrix different from other Jacksonville temp agencies?

Our candidates have the opportunity to work in our facilities before they work in yours. At Metrix, our candidates are trained and prepared to be successful and productive members of your team.

  1. APPLY: Candidates apply for open jobs online or in person
  2. INTERVIEW: We carefully select applicants and begin our in-depth interview process.
  3. VETTING: We perform drug tests and background checks to ensure the quality of candidates.
  4. EXPERIENCE: Candidates may work on-site prior to job placement, gaining training and experience.


Call us at (904) 446-4810 to learn how Metrix can solve your staffing needs or email us.

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