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Metrix Staffing Now Hiring for Admin Jobs in Jacksonville!

Metrix Staffing is expanding! As one of the fastest growing staffing agencies in Jacksonville, we are now expanding our reach and hiring for a variety of local jobs, including warehouse/distribution, administrative and even food service positions here in Jacksonville!

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Why Metrix Staffing Agency?

Our Mission Statement

The goal of Metrix Staffing is to provide an alternative to traditional employment agencies for our clients within the distribution and warehousing industry by doing the following things:

• Hiring proven staff
• Offering flexible solutions
• Providing measurable results

We're Currently Hiring In Jax...


Job Listed: December 10, 2016

Welders needed ASAP in Jacksonville! Welding jobs in Jacksonville. Competitive pay.

Commercial Painters & Powder Coaters

Job Listed: December 10, 2016

Jobs for commercial painters in Jacksonville! Also need powder coaters for dry powder finish paint application!

Maintenance Technician

Job Listed: December 10, 2016

Maintenance Technician needed ASAP in Jacksonville!

Fiberglass Installer

Job Listed: December 9, 2016

Fiberglass technician needed to install, sand & polish. Experience with boats or bathtubs a plus!

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Temp Warehouse Jobs at Metrix Staffing Agency: Jacksonville, FL

Hiring Local Logistics Warehouse Jobs at Metrix Temp Agencies in Jacksonville, Florida As one of the best and most unique local employment agencies in Jacksonville, FL, at Metrix Staffing we realize how important it is to have staff with the proper logistics training for warehousing, packaging and distribution services. All of our employees and temps get the training and experience they need at our warehouse facility first before we send them out to work with our third party supply chain partners.

Warehouse & Temp Jobs with No Experience at our Jacksonville Staffing Agency

Do you want to find a job but are having a hard time because you have little to no experience or training? Contact Metrix Staffing Agency in Jacksonville, FL! We're hriing! As one of the Grimes Companies, Metrix specializes in providing temp and temp to perm warehouse jobs for those who want to work and are eager to receive the training and experience they need to be successful and valuable members of a busy logistics supply chain. If you have a good attitude and determination, we would love to find a temp or warehouse job for you at our Jacksonville staffing agency! Call us at 904-783-2646 and/or filll out our online job application to get started in the hiring process now. After meeting with you and evaluating your skills, we will set you up with a job in our local warehouse to further assess your on the job work performance.


At Metrix, we don't just do the things that every staffing agency does.

1 APPLY Candidates apply for open warehouse jobs online or in person.
2 INTERVIEW We carefully select applicants and begin our in-depth interview process.
3 TESTING We perform drug tests and background checks to ensure the quality of candidates.
4 EXPERIENCE Our candidates gain work experience in our on-site warehouse prior to job placement.

How is Metrix different from other Jacksonville temp agencies? Our candidates work in our warehouse before they work in yours. At Metrix, our candidates are trained and prepared to be successful and productive members of your supply chain.

Metrix: One of the Most Unique Local Staffing Agencies in Jacksonville, FL

As one of the Grimes Companies, the top priority at our Jacksonville staffing agency is to provide you with the support you need to optimize your supply chain and warehouse production process. At Metrix, we thoroughly analyze each employee's skills--including dexterity, production, and safety--before hiring and job placement. Since these skills and values are critical in the operation of any distribution company, our temps and staff have the training and warehouse experience they need to be prepared and successful when meeting the challenges and expectations of your distribution company's unique supply chain and logistics.

Temp Warehousing & Logistics Staffing Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Along with proven staff, our experienced staffing managers are ready to tackle any project. Don't go with any other temp agencies in Jacksonville before consulting with Metrix. Contact our staffing agency today at 904-783-2646 to find out how you can hire a team supervisor for your supply chain AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
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Jacksonville Warehouse Jobs Staffing Agencies

How many warehouse staffing agencies in Jacksonville can train their candidates in their own 200K+ square foot warehouse? Metrix can!

Florida Workforce Development Staffing Agency Jacksonville, FL

Metrix Staffing is committed to workforce development. The Grimes Companies maintain active partnerships with the University of North Florida (UNF) and CareerSource.

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