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About Metrix Staffing Agency: Warehouse Staffing in Jacksonville, Florida

The goal of Metrix Staffing is to provide an alternative to traditional staffing agencies in Jacksonville, FL for our clients within the distribution industry. How? By supplying proven staff, flexible solutions, and measurable results.

Warehouse Staffing by a Warehousing Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Warehouse Jobs at Metrix Staffing Agency As a division of Total Distribution, Inc., Metrix Staffing realizes the importance of staff properly trained for distribution and warehousing services. Because of this, we go above and beyond what most Jacksonville staffing agencies do. We interview and vet all of our candidates (including performing drug and background checks) but we also make sure that our candidates have the skills needed to excel in a warehouse environment prior to job placement. Unlike traditional agencies, temps and employees available through Metrix Staffing have the opportunity to work in a Total Distribution warehouse first, so we can train them and assess their overall skills and experience.

The primary goal of our Jacksonville warehouse staffing agency is to provide you with the support you need to optimize and improve your warehouse and supply chain. To ensure of that, we thoroughly analyze each employee's skills, including dexterity, production, and safety. Since these values are critical in the operation of any distribution company, our staff are more prepared and experienced to meet the challenges of your supply chain.

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Metrix Staffing Agency: a Division of Total Distribution, Inc. in Jacksonville

Founded in 1972 as The Grimes Companies, Total Distribution, Inc.'s history in Jacksonville dates back to 1920. Serving the Southeast United States, the logistics company has maintained the lead in the continually evolving supply chain industry through progressive management, innovation, cutting-edge technology and dedicated service. Today, Total Distribution offers discerning manufacturers and warehouse distributors a superior combination of warehousing, trucking, supply chain and packaging services that provides every advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Testimonials & Reviews of Metrix Staffing Agency in Jacksonville, FL

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I have the best people working for me to help me find work. I grew and prospered with Metrix Staffing. They are fun and respectable employers. Get in touch with Metrix!

Bryan J.

Metrix staffing is like no other staffing company. What makes them so special is that they actually care about every individual employee. I chose to go above and beyond for Metrix.

Antonio L.

Metrix Staffing did an excellent job finding a job for me. I registered with them and a week later I was working. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to gain employment whether or not you have the best employment history. Thanks, Metrix!

Jamal W.

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