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Metrix Warehouse Staffing

We realize how important it is to have properly trained staff for your business. Because of this, we go above and beyond what most Jacksonville staffing agencies do. We interview and vet all of our candidates (including performing drug and background checks) but we also make sure that our candidates have the skills needed to excel in a warehouse environment prior to job placement. Unlike traditional agencies, temps and employees available through Metrix Staffing have the opportunity to work at the Total Distribution warehouse first, so we can train and assess their overall skills and experience.

METRIX: One of the Most Unique Staffing Agencies in Jacksonville, FL

As a division of Total Distribution, Inc., the top priority at our Jacksonville staffing agency is to provide you with the support you need to optimize your supply chain and warehouse production process. At Metrix, we thoroughly analyze each employee's skills⁠—including dexterity, production, and safety⁠—before hiring and job placement. Since these skills and values are critical in the operation of any distribution company, our temps and staff have the training and warehouse experience they need to be prepared and successful when meeting the challenges and expectations of your distribution company's unique supply chain and logistics.

Temp Warehousing & Logistics Staffing Services 

Along with proven staff, our experienced staffing managers are ready to tackle any project. Don't go with any other temp agencies in Jacksonville before consulting with Metrix. Call our staffing experts at (904) 446-4810 or contact us for a complimentary quote and assessment today!

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